Rahaa with layer of apricot
Product also available in dark
Almond paste with almond pieces
Peanuts topped with a layer of caramel and smothered by our classic chocolate. 
Our signature milk chocolate filled with cream and corn flakes. 
Product Included: Almond Date Squares, Coconut with Pistachio, Min w Salwa, Noga, Noga with Apricot, Rahaa, Rahaa with Apricot 
Biscuit and caramel layers covered with our signature milk chocolate. 
Chocolate included: croquant, krispy milk, nutty square dark
Chocolates included: Almond (milk/dark), Cheesecake, Croquant, Krispy (milk/dark), Nutty Square (milk/dark), Ounce (milk/dark), Romano, Twixx
Chocolate Included: Almond (milk/dark), Cheesecake, Croquant, Nutty Square (milk/dark), Pistachio Rose (milk/dark)
Chocolate included: cornflake, croquant, pistachio rose milk, romano milk